Banana Cream Cannabis Strain Review

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Banana Cream Complete Strain Overview
Banana Cream is a well-balanced, indica-dominant hybrid with a genetic background that combines Banana OG and the Cookies and Cream strain. It is a bud that is notorious among users for its incredibly delicious flavor – it tastes a lot like banana cream pie. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this unique strain.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Banana Cream can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments. Outdoors, it may need a warm and semi-humid setting and when grown indoors, the temperature should be regulated to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. BUY SEEDS FOR THIS STRAIN AT OUR #1 RATED ONLINE SEED STORE: HOMEGROWN

If you enjoy fruity strains that are sweet in flavor and scent, Banana Cream is sure to find a special place in your heart. Bursting with flavor and enticing aromas, fruity cannabis strains have been capturing the attention of connoisseurs for quite a few years now.

With familiar aromas reminiscent of fruits like lemons, grapefruit, banana, and more, uniquely delicious strains have become more desirable as smokers shift their focus from THC potency to flavor. But one of the great things about the Banana Cream strain is that it isn’t just delicious, it’s also very potent.

With THC levels averaging the mid-twenties, Banana Cream is an indica-leaning strain that many users enjoy not only for its scent and flavor but also for the numerous effects that it has the potential to induce.

What Is the Banana Cream Strain?

Banana Cream is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by the Oregon-based growing operation, Vagrant Farms. It’s a well-balanced hybrid, and the genetic background includes Banana OG and the Cookies and Cream strain. This bud is notorious among users for its incredibly delicious flavor – it tastes a lot like banana cream pie.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this unique strain. Smokers go mad for Banana Cream, and it often sells out quickly. With THC levels around the low to mid-twenties, this is an indica-leaning hybrid that is best for seasoned users.


A happy-go-lucky head high combines with a comfortable and relaxing body high that soothes like a good massage. Many users enjoy that Banana Cream makes social situations more enjoyable and fun, sometimes leaving users in small fits of giggles. Others report that they enjoy the body buzz that goes along with their social mood.

The high comes on with a creeping effect just a few minutes after you toke it. Smokers will be filled with a lifted sense of euphoria that leaves you feeling giggly and tingly. As these effects expand, users start feeling a building sense of relaxation that fills both the body and mind. Expect to be put into a slightly sedative state, but it won’t weigh you down if you decide you want to get up and get moving.

Banana Cream is known for inducing cerebral euphoria, followed by deep relaxation. Many users notice an instant uplift in mood, along with a boost in creativity and energy. After a while, the full-body relaxation and laziness set in. For this reason, Banana Cream is best for consumption at night, when you don’t have to focus on daily tasks and responsibilities.


The Banana Cream scent is nothing short of intoxicating. It has a sweet and fruity aroma with hints of earthy tones. As the name suggests, fresh banana and creams accent the smell.


Banana Cream is a delicious strain – it tastes as good as it sounds. The sweetness pairs with a natural flavor and the end result is super tasty. Think fruity, creamy, sweet deliciousness with hints of banana, and that is Banana Cream.


The Banana Cream buds feature flat, neon green nugs with gold undertones, matched with crystal trichomes. Each nug is lined with dark orange hairs and coated with sweet, sticky resin.

Banana Cream Strain Grow Info

Banana Cream can grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. When growing outdoors, it may need a warm and semi-humid setting for it to thrive and develop vigorously. When growing indoors, the temperature should remain around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The flowering period is between 49 and 70 days, and this is a herb that is known to produce good yields. The plants reach a medium height and may need trimming back from time to time.

THC Content – Highest Test

Banana Cream is a potent strain. It has an average THC level of about 22% but has been known to get to levels as high as 26%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Banana Cream is not known for its CBD levels. There are only trace amounts of CBD in this weed, and it’s not thought to exceed 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Banana Cream Strain

Banana Cream is a strain that could become very important in the medical world. Given its high psychoactivity, mood-lifting properties, and mostly upbeat effects, this unique strain could momentarily relieve stress, anxiety, depression, deep-seated pains, and inflammation.

The initial cerebral mood can improve productivity for those with attention deficit disorders. The generally upbeat mood Banana Cream induces can also help to improve the symptoms of depression and stress – albeit only temporarily.

On a physical level, Banana Cream can diminish all sorts of aches pains, including those caused by chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. It’s also known to help with muscle tremors and spasms.

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Cream Strain

Due to the high THC levels and psychoactive effects associated with Banana Cream, patients who are prone to paranoia or panic attacks should consume this strain with caution.

Smoking this strain could also trigger dry mouth and redness of the eyes. You can manage these symptoms by consuming lots of water because it’s important to stay hydrated.

Final Thoughts on the Banana Cream Strain

Banana Cream has manageable effects that allow users to function normally in small doses, cause mental euphoria in medium doses, and can make you feel as though you are floating in the sky in high doses. Users can expect an enjoyable, full-body relaxation that offers incredible relief after a long day at the office.

The delectable scent and flavor are an extra bonus. Banana Cream offers users an array of effects that are euphoric, relaxing, sociable, and mellowing. The mellow cerebral effects melt into feelings of relaxation and sedation.

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